How to Style a Graphic Tee (like an ~adult~)

I’m 23 and I still don’t think of myself as an adult. I was setting up an investment account (ooo spooky) last week and 1. had no clue what I was doing and had to WebEx (yes, WebEx) my dad so he could help me, and 2. was wondering the entire time how people know to do these things?

We all know the running joke, “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”, yet so many twentysomethings don’t know how to select and apply for a credit card, make a “budget” or even what number to put on that W-2 form you get when you start a new job (is it zero or one dammit?! I need answers). **If you have no idea what this joke I speak of is, please see here.

I’m lucky that both of my parents are a little over the top in my life (just a side effect of being an only child I guess) and I really wouldn’t know how to do so many of these “adult” things without them pointing me in the right direction.

After much help from my dad, I finally had all my finances sorted out and I felt like an “adult”.

What defines (or defined) becoming an adult for you? Is it some milestone likeΒ moving out of your parent’s house, is it when you are responsible for another person, or is it just dressing to play the part? Sometimes I think it’s the later and laugh that I’ve managed to fool so many people! Haha :p

The graphic tee is such an versatile and timeless piece. You can dress it up and dress it down. By simply switching or adding one piece you go from after-school hang out to dinner on a rooftop. There are so many ways to style a graphic tee and for this look I focused on contrasting styles and accessorizing to fit the part. To achieve this look with your favorite graphic tee…

  • Pair with a full maxi skirt: This tiered maxi is sooo comfortable and perfect for both summer and fall. It also creates the perfect style contrast between casual and boho.
  • Add a belt: I’ve learned that adding a belt is the easiest way to complete and tie together any outfit. (no pun intended) Something about it just says, “I have my life together because I thought long enough to add a belt”.
  • Over-accessorize: Graphic tees usually translate to casual. By wearing with cut out booties, a western style belt, and over-sized felt hat, this look becomes much more styled and put together.
  • Keep it fun: Without the pop of pink, this look is very neutral. Pairing with a black top would have looked great, but created a more formal look. Instead this light pink tee adds an element of fun without looking juvenile.

How to Style a Graphic TeeHow to Style a Graphic TeeHow to Style a Graphic TeeHow to Style a Graphic TeeHow to Style a Graphic TeeHow to Style a Graphic TeeHow to Style a Graphic Tee
How to Style a Graphic Tee
How to Style a Graphic Tee

Photographer Evan Febrillet

Tee: Pacsun (sold out, similar, similar) | Skirt: H&MΒ (on sale $18!) | Booties: Dolce Vita (on sale!) | Belt: Old (similar) | Hat: Forever 21

If you’ve watched any of my Instastories from the weekend than you saw me wear this t-shirt for about 3 days in a row…don’t judge me plz! I spent Friday and Saturday recovering from my surgery, and was a still a little loopy on Sunday. Needless to say, comfort was the only thing on my mind this weekend!

Chances are you probably have over a dozen t-shirts in your closet. I know I have a lot, but for some reason I keep buying more….

Try refreshing the clothes you already have and wear your favorite graphic tees with a leather skirt or wide-leg culottes! Or with jeans, heels, and a blazer like this. They’re so comfortable, why not make them work for more than a few occasions in your life!


Enjoy the rest of your week everyone! As always, thanks for reading πŸ™‚







  1. Emily

    August 17, 2017 at 10:20 am

    I definitely have to try belting my maxi skirts now! Love the styling πŸ’•

    1. Melissa Frusco

      August 17, 2017 at 10:46 am

      Thanks girl!

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